Why Call Maguire Consulting?

You have finally admitted that you need to make some changes. You need to do something to get your team to the next level. The problem is, they’re busy. You don’t have that ideal person who can stop what they’re doing and focus on needed improvements. That’s why you call Maguire Consulting. It’s like the COO that you can rent.

The Maguire Consulting Group is a 24 year old consulting effort made up of subject matter experts covering a wide variety of business challenges.

The President, Kelly Maguire is recognized as an experienced contributor at all levels of the organization. He has a very interesting background and is fond of saying “There’s really no such job” as the one he’s had.

To contact us, please call (202) 701-0077, or e-mail Kelly@MaguireConsultingGroup.com .

What is worrying you today? I bet we can help.

Life is a project. Manage it.

Life is a project. Manage it.

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